Welcome to Flag Star Football

This league is the best. It's fun. It's high-energy. It's the league we would've wanted as kids. 

And we exist for two reasons: To Get Better. And Have Fun. 

At the core of our organization, that's who we are. We're positive coaches who love teaching the game. We're supportive parents and compassionate referees. We're a low-pressure sports environment where kids can just play! 

This is a league for everyone -- all-stars or a couch potatoes. Boys and girls. Rich or poor. We believe in the power of play and we believe everyone should have that opportunity.


My child absolutely loved it. He learned so much, so quickly. Most importantly, he had fun and discovered the beauty of teamwork. Highly recommended
— Matt Byrne

Register a Team for the Spring!

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Our Sunday-sessions are a blast. And even more fun when shared with buds!

Do you have 4 or more players who want to stick together for the season? If so, drop us a note and we'll get going. We'll make sure you and your buddies all end up together -- and round out the roster with "free agents" if need be. 

Registering by yourself? ALL GOOD! We'll find you a team, a coach and a new set of buddies to ball alongside!

"WE ARE BEYOND THRILLED WITH FLAG STAR - - it's exceeded all our expectations.  

It is by far the most organized, well-managed league we have ever joined.  The coaching has been top-notch and and our son has learned an incredible amount since he first started playing.  But most importantly, he has fun!"
- Jennifer Bernstein

Birthday Parties. Group Parties. After-School Programs. 

We do ALL OF IT, baby!

Drop us a line if you want to get balling. Our Sunday sessions are our "Bread and Butter", but we know some folks can't wait. Ping me directly -- evan@flagstarfootball.com -- to arrange a flag football birthday party for your baller!

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