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Birthday Parties

After School Programs

Flag football is a fun, safe way for kids to get outside and play.

Not to be confused with our Flag Football League (held on Sundays), our after school programs are midweek sessions of skills, drills and scrimmages. Programs are set up between Flag Star Chicago and each individual school.

This is a low-pressure environment, and all are welcome. Boys and girls. Athletes or bookworms. Rookies or Pros. All you'll need are a pair of cleats (although sneakers will work), a bottle of water and a positive attitude.

These range from Anti-bullying sessions to The Basic Mathematics of Flag Football.

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Birthday Parties

Flag Football goes great with birthday cake.

Whether you're hosting a birthday party, a field day or a small group of kids from the neighborhood -- we're there. Give us a heads up and we'll bring flags, field equipment and a ton of positive energy.

And, if you'd like, we'll do the thing for free. We're working hard to introduce the game to kids in the neighborhood. This is a great way to do that. If you'll host a group, we're happy to coach them!

...and maybe we'll have a slice of that cake for the road.