Welcome to Flag Star Football

This league is the best. It's fun. It's high-energy. It's the league we would've wanted as kids. 

And we exist for two reasons: To Get Better. And Have Fun. 

At the core of our organization, that's who we are. We're positive coaches who love teaching the game. We're supportive parents and compassionate referees. We're a low-pressure sports environment where kids can just play! 

This is a league for everyone -- all-stars or a couch potatoes. Boys and girls. Rich or poor. We believe in the power of play and we believe everyone should have that opportunity.


Great Sport, Great People, Great Energy
— Tom Repke

Register a Team for this Fall!


This Spring is our first season in the Lakeview/Lincoln Park area. And we are PUMPED to come to town. 

We're going to start this thing with a bang. And -- hopefully -- a whole bunch of teams! 

Do you have 4 or more players who want to stick together for the season? If so, drop us a note and we'll get going. We'll make sure you and your buddies all end up together -- and round out the roster with "free agents" if need be. 

Registering by yourself? ALL GOOD! We'll find you a team, a coach and a new set of buddies to ball alongside!

"WE ARE BEYOND THRILLED WITH FLAG STAR - - it's exceeded all our expectations.  

It is by far the most organized, well-managed league we have ever joined.  The coaching has been top-notch and and our son has learned an incredible amount since he first started playing.  But most importantly, he has fun!"
- Jennifer Bernstein

Birthday Parties. Group Parties. After-School Programs. 

We do ALL OF IT, baby!

Drop us a line if you want to get balling. Our Spring season is "The Big Show" for us, but we know some folks can't wait. Ping me directly -- evan@flagstarfootball.com -- to arrange a flag football birthday party for your baller!

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